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Molly Zirille

“Brace yourself… the Hoagburg Orthodontic experience is second to none. Dr. and staff are extremely welcoming plus quite professional. No surprises… we understood everything from pricing to duration in a very short time. Truly enjoy our visits and look forward to my child’s new million $ smile in 18 short months.” – 3 months ago

Halie C.

“We had a wonderful experience at Hoagburg Orthodontics. Both my kids went there and their teeth look beautiful. My daughter is finished with her second phase and my son will be in his final phase soon. Everyone who works there is so friendly, professional and accommodating. Dr. Hoagburg helped us through a very stressful experience- my daughter knocked out her front, permanent tooth while she was in her first phase of braces. I called Dr. Hoagburg in a panic and he came in to help her the day after Thanksgiving, when the office was closed. He took care of her tooth in this emergency situation, and didn’t even charge us anything. We were very grateful for his help. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Bridget H.

“We highly recommend Dr. Hoagburg and staff! My son loved the free hot chocolate and cappuccino machine, and the monthly drawings. The permanent retainer wires behind the front teeth make maintenance easier, and the clear nightly retainer is so much nicer than the old pink ones.”